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Friday, 01 July 2011
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Well if you are reading this you are looking at my new blog site.

The old blog was hosted under and the new one is using WordPress. WordPress is pretty much the top dog now in the world of blog engines.

I predict three posts before I grow lax and have a gap of many months in my posts. I’d like to pretend that won’t happen, but that’s the real world for you.

As of this writing I have gone with a photo of two alligators for the header. I took that picture several years ago at Busch Gardens in Tampa on a day that a tropical storm had just passed through.

That was a fun day. For anyone who hasn’t been through a tropical storm on the coast just think of a hurricane and dial back a few notches. Wind whipping palm trees, the ocean looking very angry, rain dumping by the truckload.

Here are a couple of pictures of the day before the storm:

2006 Florida Trip 031
2006 Florida Trip 033

These were both on the beach in St. Pete looking back towards the pier.

Note the seaweed monsters crawling ashore.

This was the beginning of the storm. It was late in the night before the bulk of the storm rolled ashore, and it was still leaving when we showed up at Busch.

It turned out to be one of the best days at a theme park ever. Most folks think “near disaster == no going to the park today”, but that just meant that we didn’t have the crowds or heat that normally plague such parks.

2006 Florida Trip 087

This was outside one of the restaurants… ba dump bump.

Actually it was part of the excellent Rhino Rally ride. Remember the lessons taught in Jurassic Park with the jeep ride and wild animals that ate the passengers (oh, wait spoiler alert), well this ride pretty much thumbs its nose at those lessons. In a really good way. I like this ride when the line isn’t so long (see: tropical storm).

2006 Florida Trip 112

Probably shouldn’t let kids drive, though.

Any way,  let’s see how the new blog works out.