Mouseketeers Assemble

Saturday, 05 September 2009
  • By
  • Jeff Ammons
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  • Comics
  • Humor

Here’s my idea of the most awesome possible outcome of Disney buying Marvel:


This is my homage to both companies. They of course own all their copyrights, trademarks, etc. If they want to use my idea for a line of comic books, they can sign me up as the first subscriber.

I did this completely with a brush instead of my usual pen/nib. I need a smaller brush so it meant REALLY having to be steady to do the fine strokes. The shading on the shield was especially difficult with the brush.

Most people who care about this issue seem to be upset that Disney is buying Marvel. I really loved the Disney comics when I was growing up. They tended to have far deeper stories than the cartoons.

I had a lot of fun doing this one. When I heard Disney was buying Marvel I immediately began thinking of which Disney character would be good in which Marvel role. Donald is obvious since his anger management issues rival the Hulk's any way.

Mickey as Captain America seemed obvious as well. That cast them as the Avengers right there, so the next two who had to be there were Thor and Iron Man. Goofy's taller than the rest of the characters and I thought with the appropriately “goofy” equipment he'd work out.

Ten points to anyone who knows who is under that Iron Man armor! Should be obvious to anyone who read the Disney comics, pretty obscure to everyone else. He did appear in the Duck Tales show I hear (but that was after I had stopped watching cartoons because I was too old, but before I was old enough to have kids and start watching them again!).

Guess what? I ticked off Facebook by posting links to this drawing on the various Disney related groups, and they blocked me! I guess they figured anyone who posts links must be selling something. If anyone came here under the assumption I would be selling something, then I'll try to dig up something around the house to sell. I have a bunch of really old broken computers! Um, how about a 10 MB hardrive for one of the original crop of Macintoshes? Pretty rocks?