GoDaddy and ASP.NET apps

Wednesday, 02 April 2008
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OK, so I'm finally working on some projects.

For several years now I've been working primarily on backend systems that do important work with NO visible interface… When we talk about our apps and people ask which part I did, I have to grimace and say, “The parts you can't see…” Without my part nothing would work, but people are only impressed by what they can SEE.

Any way, I'm working my way through the ASP.NET user management controls and made a simple app for tracking your health stats. I used Linq for the database access, and it seems pretty cool. I'll write in another post about what I think so far about Linq.

Got everything working well locally and uploaded it to No go. I got the database populated with the roles, etc. But so far all I get is a big ole 500 Internal Server  Error. Since I'm working in a hosted environment, I can't a huge amount of info about what's happening.

I'm going to blog my efforts here and when I'm finished I'll write up a detailed set of directions.

For now I'm going back to step one and create a page with nothing but a login.

Film at 11.