Fun Friday: Links & More - 6/6/2014

Thursday, 05 June 2014
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Not sure how much fun this Friday was.
Frank Friday Fletcher
Image from Library Of Congress

Big thanks to Lifehacker and Adafruit for linking to my post DYI Productivity Tablet!

Kind of an inception thing if you click on the Lifehacker link from my site then click their link to Adafruit then THEIR link to come back to my blog.


I had a great time working on that project.

I'm hoping to start the next set in the series this weekend.

In the second set I'll configure Raspbian to look and function better on the Kindle screen. Think bigger icons, text, etc.

I'll also talk about setting up to work with DocPad.

  1. [Monthly Raspberry Jam and Electronics Workshop](

    This is a local event for me. My daughter and I are attending this one and it will be our first. I love the concept of Geekspaces. Shared access to tools and equipment you wouldn't otherwise have. Reminds me of Benjamin Franklin's subscription library.

  2. [Dropping Resistor Calculator](

    OK, it's been a while since I needed to figure out which resistor I need to keep from burning something up...

    This site is awesome because it explains the whole process as well as giving you a calculator you can plug your values into.

    My daughter and I are working on a project that requires wiring up some LEDs to a rotary switch and a battery pack. Didn't want to burn up those LEDs...

  3. [How to turn Vim into a full-fledged IDE](

    Vim has become my go-to text editor over the past couple of years. It is lightweight, fast and capable.

    Make no mistake, the learning curve is still the size of [Olympus Mons](, but if you are a touch typist who **hates** reaching for that infernal rodent to move your cursor around, you might like Vim.

    One of the super cool features of Vim is that there are so many plug-ins. I use several of the ones mentioned in this post.

  4. [Deploying DocPad Sites To Azure](

    This is basically what I do.

    I work locally in MarkDown files that are processed into static HTML files. Then I use Git to push the static files to BitBucket. BitBucket sends a signal to Azure Websites which then pulls the latest version of the master branch.

    It is easier than it sounds, but not for everyone.

    I wrote about it in my [Top 5 Reasons To Blog With A Static File Generator](/top-5-reasons-to-blog-with-a-static-file-generator/)

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    I really appreciate the links back to my blog. I also appreciate any re-tweets or shares. Thanks!