Fun Friday: Links, Tweets and More: 5/30/2014

Friday, 30 May 2014
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The Fun Kind Of Railroad Disaster

Apparently the “fun” kind of railroad disaster. Somehow in Switzerland. Image from Library Of Congress

Here we are for the third installment of Fun Friday links!

This is a berry focused set of links this week.

That's right. I made a berry joke.

I've spent some time playing with the Raspberry Pi this week, and I wanted to share some related links.

It's pi time we had this discussion.

Quote Of The Week

  1. [Raspberry Pi Home](

    I love the Raspberry Pi. It is a scrappy little $35 computer on a board that includes HDMI out, ethernet in, audio and video out, two USB ports, an SD card slot and a whole bunch of I/O ports you can physically wire to darn near anything you can dream up.

    This takes me back to why I got into computers in the first place. I'm having fun just hacking with this thing.

  2. [How To Turn A Raspberry Pi Into A WiFi Router](

    Case in point. This link takes you step by step through setting up your Raspberry Pi to act as a router. Say what?

    Yes I have a router. No, I'm not always near it.

  3. [Make Magazine's Raspberry Pi Category](

    Make Magazine is the geeky hacker's big, glossy magazine. Their website has a ton of great links and content.

  4. [Raspbian](

    Raspbian is the go-to Debian Linux distro for the Raspberry Pi. There are several options, but this is considered the best starting point.

  5. This brings me to my self-serving recap of my own posts for the week.

    This week I was on vacation and spent some time with a project I've been kicking around for some time: combining my Raspberry Pi and Kindle Fire HD into a FrankenTabletBook.

    My number one goal was to be able to use Vim, DocPad, Git and Node on my Kindle to write and publish blog posts.

    I already have a VM in the cloud that I can remote desktop into, but what about times when I can't get to it?

    That's where I got the idea to RDP into the Pi using it as a router (since the Fire can't do ad hoc or peer to peer WiFi).

    This turned into two blocks of posts, the first block of which I've finished.

    • [DIY Productivity Tablet](/diy-productivity-tablet/) lays out the project.
    • [Kindle To Raspberry Pi Via Remote Desktop](/kindle-to-raspberry-pi-via-remote-desktop/) talks about RDP into the Pi.
    • [Configure Raspberry Pi As WiFi Router](/configure-raspberry-pi-as-wifi-router/) covers setting up the Pi as a router (based on the earlier link to Raspberry Pi HQ).

Well that's it for this week. Have fun and see you next week!