Fun Friday: Links, Tweets And More: 5/16/2014

Friday, 16 May 2014
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Fun Experts

OK, folks, let's leave the fun to the experts. I don't want anyone getting hurt.
Image from Library Of Congress

Woo-Hoo! It's Friday people!

I'm trying something new. Fun Friday sharing of the links and things.

Here's a random sampling of things I thought were cool this week. Mostly tech related or possibly shared by tech folk. Occassionally just random or funny.

Quote Of The Week

Just because you believe in your conspiracy theory, that does not make it any more true than any other nut job conspiracy theory.

Wallace “Wally” McClure - @wbm

Yeah, Mulder.

must think of Twitter as a river. It flows by constantly. You cannot watch it all. You must just stop by ever so often and watch it for a few minutes then move on.

Granted he said it more eloquently than that, but I'm trying to remember something from his podcast from 3-4 years ago.

Think of me as the guy who fishes tires, bits of wood and the occassional shiny thing out so you don't have to.

Here's some of what I've schlepped ashore this week.

FYI, you just might want to follow these folks. On Twitter that is. Don't do that in real life. That's creepy and illegal.

  1. [10 Articles Every Programmer Must Read]( Shared by [Joe Ingeno](

    A really good collection of articles ranging from memory to networking to SEO.

  2. [Cordova In Visual Studio]( Shared by [Jeremy Likness]( Cordova is the open source underpinnings of PhoneGap. The next update for Visual Studio has tools to help you make mobile apps with HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
  3. [All the .NET SDK Downloads in one place]( Speaking of [Scott Hanselman](, here's one of his shares.

    Great big collection of links to SDKs you need for working with .Net, Windows, devices, and MS cloud offerings.

  4. [The Open-Office Trap]( Shared by [Kevin Jones]( You know what people LOVE? It isn't an open office floor plan.
  5. [Killing Floor 2 Teaser Trailer]( Shared by [Tripwire Interactive](

    It's like Croydon on a Friday night!
    I frickin' love Killing Floor. You know the kind of game that has an intricate, detailed plot and characters you grow to love? This ain't that game.
    This is a full bore, online zombie killing romp.
    Blah, blah, Horzine. Blah, blah, Zombie Drug.
    You know what matters? Katanas, claymores and AA12s (Oh my!).

  6. [SUSE Rules the Stack. By a mile.]( Shared by [@SUSE]( OK, when it comes to Linux, I like OpenSUSE. I also like KDE. I'm not anti-Ubuntu, but I am a fan of the chameleon.
  7. [Long Title With Many New Features In Visual Studio]( Shared by [S. Somasegar]( Plenty of good stuff in the next update to Visual Studio beyond the Cordova bits mentioned above.
  8. ![We are made of star-stuff](/images/2014/05/StarStuff.jpg)
    [National Geographic Channel](
    If you haven't been watching the new Cosmos series with Neil deGrasse Tyson, you are really missing something great.
  9. [Beer Locker: Building a RESTful API With Node]( Shared by [Dan Wahlin]( NODE.js love it or hate it, but you'll have trouble ignoring it.
  10. [Intro To Node With Microsoft Tools Presentation](/intro-to-node-with-microsoft-tools-presentation/) These are the slides of my presentation to the Gwinnett, Georgia, Microsoft User Group last week. I'm a Node noob, but here's some stuff I've learned so far.