Formatted JSON In Notepad++ Video Tutorial

Tuesday, 09 December 2014
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Since my most visited post is Formatted JSON In Notepad++, I decided it would make a good subject for my first attempt at a video tutorial.

Since my original post, I've discovered a plug-in I like even more: JSTool.

This tool not only has more features than JSONViewer, but it doesn't have the annoying requirement that you select the JSON text before applying it.

JSTool will help you make minified JSON readable the same way JSONViewer does, but it can also go the other way. It can minify your JSON for you.

Of course, JSTool isn't just for JSON. It can format and minify JavaScript files as well.

One word of warning: if you try to minify a very large JavaScript or JSON file (like the JQuery.js file) it can bog down a bit. It only took a few seconds to minify the JQuery code, but the UI became unresponsive during those seconds. Don't panic if it freezes for a bit.

Both plug-ins have a JSONViewer that gives you a tree view of your JSON or JavaScript to help you navigate your code.

Getting The Plug-Ins

Getting any plug-in in Notepad++ is as simple as going to the Plugins menu and clicking Plugin Manger: Show Plugin Manager. From there you get a nice dialog that lets you search for plug-ins. In this case just search for JSON.

Comments Welcome

Let me know in the comments on the YouTube video if you like it, or if you have ideas for other tutorials you'd like to see.

I'm currently planning a beginner's guide to SQL series.