Doctor, It Hurts When I Do This! Well Don't Do That.

Thursday, 01 August 2013
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  • Jeff Ammons
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Drunken visual studio

Go home, Visual Studio, you're drunk.


Long story short: They fixed it. In the RC version, you can safely update all the nuget packages. Good job, people who fixed it!

I've been playing with Visual Studio 2013 Preview and MVC 5.

Super Summary: Don't Update Microsoft ASP.NET Identity Core or Microsoft ASP.NET Identity EntityFramework just yet in PREVIEW Visual Studio 2013.
Things were going great until I did something unfortunate: Update ALL Nuget Packages.


You know that moment when you realize your friend has had a bit too much to drink? You know the one. When he EXPLOSIVELY VOMITS ALL OVER YOUR CAR. You feel bad for him, but DAMN IT!

That's how I felt when I hit “Build”. Poor Visual Studio was heaving errors all over my monitor. DAMN IT!

OK. Breathe. It is beta. Or alpha. Maybe omega, I don't know.

Mixed in the nasty bits were mentions of security, identity and entities.

Just to check the baseline, I started a brand new project.

Build. Check!

Great! Maybe this was a fluke.

Nuget, get me them packages!



Oh, God, I'm dying! Blurrrgh!!! I swear I'll never drink again if you'll just BLURRGHHH!!!

Definitely no check.

Time to step back and see which package was the offender.

New project time.

This time ONE package update at a time.

Very carefully avoiding anything with the words “entity”, “identity”, “owin”, or “jagermeister”.

Pointlessly long story short:

  • Javascripty packages: OK.
  • MVC/ASP packages: OK.
  • Owin packages: OK (surprised by that one).
  • Microsoft ASP.NET Identity Core: Not OK.
  • Microsoft ASP.NET Identity EntityFramework: Definitely NOT OK.
After the Identity Core, there was one error. After the ID EF, 20 errors.

Like I said: BETA Happens. Looking forward to release. There are some good bits in here. Just not the bits all over my desk at the moment…